animecon 18+, almost naked sushi

Almost Naked Sushi (or Nyotaimori) is because this was part of Animecon 18+ late at night program, and we have invited 3 pretty dutch models with T-back, and Nipple sticker, so we get maximum exposure hehehe (but all important part is hidden for the model’s privacy).  This set of images are from the very last stage, most of the time was spent for actual sushi making as a part of sushi workshop program.

Mostly male participants. But there were some females who joined for the special sushi eating experience and I am happy about it.  Overall speaking it was exciting, safe and unique experience.

Thanks to Animecon for a good support and realization. Please also visit the official page to support them;

All images shown here are copyrighted to chef design and Masayuki Tajima.